ICAE Virtual Seminar

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Following each issue of Adult Education and Development, our cooperation partner, the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) offers you the chance to discuss the topics raised in the print issue in a virtual seminar.

The seminar is free of charge and open to anyone. It runs via email in English. Contributions can be sent in English, French or Spanish and will then be translated into English.

The objectives of the ICAE Virtual Seminar are:

  1. To promote a debate and dialogue on selected articles from the journal Adult Education and Development in order to go deeper and broaden the analysis.
  2. To create a virtual space as an opportunity to share experiences on community learning modalities, in different regions and contexts, and to inspire new initiatives.
  3. To connect global commitments with local practices, building bridges between local needs and the Post 2015 development agenda, the EFA goals, and CONFINTEA Belem Framework for Action.

More information: http://virtualseminar.icae.global/

ICAE Virtual Seminar 2016: "Global Citizenship Education"

The virtual seminar, based on issue 82 of Adult Education and Development "Global Citizenship Education", was held in March, 2016. All contributions can be read here: PDF Virtual Seminar 2016.

Virtual Seminar 2015: "Communities"

The virtual seminar 2015 was held between February 25 and March 26, 2015. It was based on issue 81 of Adult Education and Development. All contributions can be read here: PDF Virtual Seminar 2015

ICAE Virtual Seminar 2014

The virtual seminar 2014 was held between March 10 and March 24, 2014. It was based on issue 80 of Adult Education and Development on "Post 2015". All contributions can be read here: PDF Virtual Seminar 2014

 Virtual Seminar 

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