Tribute to Raúl Leis

On May 1, 2011, a good and reliable partner of DVV International died. Raúl Leis, the Secretary General of the Latin American Association of Adult Education (Educación de Adultos de Concejo de América Latina – CEAAL) succumbed unexpectedly due to drug intolerance after a routine eye operation. Raúl was all in one: a professor, journalist, communicator, writer, poet, historian, politician, educator, sociologist, organiser – whatever was needed at the time. He was one of those people who combine vision and social commitment with charm and humour and thus gain the affection of the people. In his native Panama, and not only there, he was immensely popular.

DVV International sent its condolences to the President of the Association, Mrs. Nélida Cespedes, for the loss of its Director, who was one of the most prominent personalities of CEAAL for more than 20 years. But we also want to keep him in our memory as an intellectual thinker who has always made a contribution to the development and theoretical foundations of Popular Education. The text “La EPJA en la Construcción de Ciudadanía Transformadora”1 comes from the CEAAL journal La Piragua issue No. 30, 2009. 



1 The EPJA in the construction of a transformational civic society.