Citizen's voices – Introduction

Citizens’ voices It’s really easy to get lost in the jungle of fancy words when you try to talk about something as abstract as global citizenship. Because the concept is vague, it lends itself to all kinds of translations. Some use it to further their own agenda, whilst others may paint rosy pictures with it, covering the fact that even citizenship is far from a reality for millions of people. We wanted to test how you readers feel about global citizenship, and we wanted to know in what ways you considered yourselves to be global citizens. We posted two open questions online, and sent the same questions through all our available networks. We received answers from all over the world. They show how a concept can be translated to the real world. Throughout this issue we have published the best answers that you sent us. Our criteria were diversity and personal reflection. In the 20 interviews which we are printing, you will find the whole range of understandings currently influencing our approach to global citizenship education. Because in our opinion the world doesn’t need a lot of fancy words, it needs words connected to reality; it needs words converted into action. We hope that these and all the other interviews which we are publishing online will make you think and reflect. What does global citizenship mean to you? In what ways are you a global citizen?

We also encourage you to send us your answers using our online form at, to be published on our Facebook page. 

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