Citizen's voices

Franck Sedjro

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

A global citizen is anyone open to the realities of the world, well informed, able to gather news using information and communications technologies (ICT), and thus informed hourby-hour and day-by-day on what is happening all over the world. A global citizen also consumes goods and products from all over the world.

2. In what ways are you a global citizen?

We are global citizens through adopting an attitude of solidarity towards everything that happens somewhere else. The solidarity from all parts of the world with regard to the atrocities committed by Boko Haram come to mind. Recently in Africa and elsewhere several people declared themselves to be “Charlie Hebdo” following the killings that took place in Paris. It is impossible today to escape the current realities of the world, wherever we are and wherever this is taking place. To put it in a nutshell; whilst being a citizen of a country and open to the realities of the world, following what is happening elsewhere, away from home. This is what makes us global citizens.

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