Citizen's voices

Margareta Rotari
Republic of Moldova

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

I believe that global citizenship is a common-sense, tolerant attitude towards the community in which one lives by promoting social cohesion through respecting ethnic, religious and gender diversity, reducing confl ict through tolerant acceptance of people and having a high degree of responsibility for respecting equality and freedom. Also, a global citizen contributes towards solving global problems: poverty reduction, respect for human rights, the fi ght against corruption and any form of violence, and solving environmental problems.

2. In what ways are you a global citizen?

The village of Iscalau, Falesti district, is a multiethnic community. There are many cases of intolerance based on ethnicity and religion. Many of our villagers migrate to work abroad, both in Europe and in the Asian region. By respecting the laws and traditions of other nations, they become global citizens. By working as a teacher and a town councillor, I have a rich experience and expertise in promoting global citizenship behaviour. In my history and civics classes I pay attention to forming global citizenship behaviour. Together with other teachers, we organise various competitions, multicultural exhibitions, drawing contests and campaigns for supporting socially-vulnerable groups. I think that, in an era of economic globalisation, it is a vital necessity to be a global citizen. Sometimes we may do something wrong, without thinking about others. That is why many problems occur.

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