Citizen’s voices

Rita Liepina

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

For me, it is education about global issues. My first reflection to your question is: Think globally, act locally. Global knowledge has to be practiced locally. Everything that happens happens in the local communities where we live. But we could say that each local step we take is a part of the global, bigger step. Planting flowers in the park of our small city of Valmiera might be seen as a contribution to the global environment. Everything comes from local actions. “Somewhere” is local, it is where we live, and it is where others live. Global is “everywhere”. We have to work from somewhere to everywhere. We have to ask ourselves about what our concerns are, how can we improve the quality of life – but we have to do it right from the spot where we are, where we live. And from there – everyone’s “somewhere” – we can widen our horizon to the global agenda – “everywhere”. Your helping hands can only reach those who are near you. 

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