Citizen's voices

Wilfredo Fidel Limachi Gutiérrez

1. What does global citizenship mean to you?

Thanks to my life experience, I have seen that global citizenship refers to an affirmation of unity in diversity. It means that it does not matter how different human beings are with regard to their culture and society. What really matters is the fact that we have to live together in a harmonious community. For this, it is necessary to respect differences, to take care of our common habitat, to share our riches and to find feasible alternatives in order to enhance the world we have. Global citizenship involves not only living as a community, but also developing aptitudes which can assure this living ina community and making good use of every different resource and advance that each culture has achieved. In Bolivia there is a theory that sees global citizenship as meaning "good living in the community".

2. In what ways are you a global citizen?

Taking into account that I am an individual person whocomes from an indigenous culture, but who shares ideals and compromises of improving our human living conditions. Promoting, as far as possible, agroecological autonomy and food security, even on a very small scale, in order to contribute to our world̓s sustainability.



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