Alexandra Burda (Cover artist and illustrator)

Adult Education and Development: Which skills and competencies did you need to do the illustrations/photos for #AED83?

Alexandra Burda: I would like start by mentioning technology skills – Internet/computer use and the use of specific programs for editing images followed by the English language. Next on the list: artistic skills – drawing/painting, critical thinking, research and analysis, creativity, communication and something that I consider to be very important: intuition.

How did you obtain those skills and competencies?
Many of them I’ve learned at School/University and developed through continuous contact with that specific field, by that I mean: artistic skills, Languages (English and German), critical thinking. I have read books about what it means to provide service and some self-development literature as well as a few audiobooks. I have learned from my parents and I have learned a lot from all the people I have worked with, both about myself and about the world. I am very curious and this has served me well and I like that I can research a lot on subjects that are of interest to me trough the Internet.



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