General Information

“Adult Education Centres as a Key to Development - 
Responsibilities, Structures and Benefits”
11-12 October 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Adult Education and Development Conferences (AECD) organized by DVV International with support of its partners address topics of global relevance and strategic importance for further promoting the education of adults. The fifth conference will deal with the set-up, the management and benefits of adult education centres as key structures to development. More than 100 international stakeholders and experts will inform and exchange about their approaches and challenges encountered.

The Conference will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia where DVV International with support of its local partners has been setting up a well-functioning adult education system in the course of the last years. The meeting will provide a platform to present and discuss experiences from Georgia and other countries from the global network of DVV International. Practitioners, researchers and other key stakeholders will share concepts and insights as to the potential of adult education centres for development whereat responsibilities, structures, benefits and wider impacts will receive special attention. 

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Key Messages of the 5th Adult Education and Development Conference 

More than 120 international participants and stakeholders  in Tbilisi  agreed on a set of Key Messages corresponding to the three thematic blocks:

1. Public responsibility in adult and youth education

2. AEC/CLC as important structures

3.  Benefits and Wider Impact of AEC/CLC

Key Messages

Conference documentation