Frequently asked questions about the ALESBA

Can we use the ALESBA when the ALE system in the country is already functioning and in place?

The ALESBA can be applied at any stage of ALE system building, whether an established system is already in place or whether a country embarks on a new journey to define/redefine ALE as a sector/sub-sector. The different phases of the approach allows for multiple entry points to use the ALESBA.

Is ALE system building and the ALESBA the same thing?

The answer is both yes and no. NO: All stakeholders in countries all over the world potentially engage in some form of ALE system building already. The ALESBA does not change this. YES: The ALESBA is fully based on the concept of ALE system building and is one potential approach (among others) that can assist ALE stakeholders to systematically build ALE systems.

How do we use the ALESBA in the context of existing and ongoing ALE system building efforts/projects?

The ALESBA is a guideline to acknowledge and support the existing work and efforts towards a long term vision of ALE system building. The conceptual framework serves as a guiding instrument/compass of all the building blocks and system elements required for a well-functioning system. Based on the system assessment described in phase two, countries can map out a strategic journey of ALE system building and have the option to move through all the five phases, or start the process based on their existing status and needs. ALE stakeholders may therefore decide to use only selected tools, processes and booklets in the ALESBA.

Does the ALESBA require capacity building?

The ALESBA booklets aim to give a comprehensive description of the five phases with a selection of practical tools that can be complimented with organisations’ own tools and techniques. However, like any approach and methodology, capacity building of staff and partners is recommended. Online training on the platform Moja is available. See

How do we contextualise the ALESBA for our own needs?

The ALESBA rests on the generic principles of ALE system building and can therefore be contextualised to the context and needs of any country. The conceptual framework can be adjusted as per the governance system of a country.

Is the ALESBA difficult?

A differentiation should be made between ALE system building and the ALESBA. ALE system building is a complicated task. The ALESBA attempts to structure and systematise the process of ALE system building. 

How long does the ALESBA take?

ALE system building is a long process and successes on the way can often be overthrown by external factors. The ALESBA doesn’t dictate a long process, it rather suggests phases that follows the natural journey of ALE system building and it depends on the country context and ALE stakeholders how long the journey takes.

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