Fifth DVV International Conference on Adult Education and Development in October 2017

DVV International will invite an international audience of specialists to attend the Adult Education and Development Conference on 11 and 12 October 2017, in Tbilisi, Georgia. This year the conference will be all about “Adult education centres as key factors for development – tasks, structures and benefits”.

Since 2007, DVV International, in concert with its partners, has organised a total of four international specialist conferences on the subject of adult education and development. The BoCAED (Bonn Conferences on Adult Education and Development) conference has been devoted to key topics of adult education, such as vocational training in the informal sector, financing of adult education, or migration and integration, and has thereby reflected the experience gained in the work of DVV International and its partners. The conferences were held in Bonn and offered specialists from Germany as well as European countries and countries from around the world a two-day platform for the exchange of expertise, with panel discussions, workshops and interactive meeting-formats.

In order to strengthen professional dialogue between the various regions, to attract more participants from DVV International regional partner organisations and to present best practice examples from selected partner countries of the Institute, the fifth international conference will be presented under the new name "Adult Education And Development Conference" in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since 2006, DVV International, in cooperation with its partners, has set up numerous educational centres in Georgia that offer vocational, political and cultural training as well as social and community activities, especially for disadvantaged population groups.

The 2017 Adult Education and Development Conference will deal with the tasks, structures and management of adult education centres and will illustrate their usefulness through practical examples. There will also be discussions about what role and responsibility local authorities and community administrations have in order to strengthen adult education as a key factor for development.

More information can be found at the conference website.

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