Christoph Jost signs agreement to strengthen adult education in Ecuador

In February 2020, Christoph Jost, Director of DVV International, travelled to Peru, Ecuador and Colombia and met with a number of representatives from education, politics and civil society.

Agreement signed between DVV International and the Ministry of Education in Ecuador

In Ecuador, Christoph Jost signed two cooperation agreements. One agreement was signed with the Ecuadorian Minister of Education, Montserrat Craemer, and includes technical support, assistance and further training for staff in the ministry and in youth and adult education institutions. The second agreement was concluded with General Edmundo Moncayo, Director of the National Service for Comprehensive Care of Persons Deprived of Liberty (SNAI). It provides for various support and research measures to improve the educational situation in prisons.

In Peru, Christoph Jost presented Flor Pablo Medina, the Minister of Education (the Minister resigned from the position shortly after the meeting), with a document on the development of a new non-formal adult education system prepared with the support of DVV International Peru.

The journey enabled Christoph Jost to get a picture of the current educational policy of all three countries and to engage in intensive discussions with partners of DVV International as well as with teachers. Since 2013 with the establishment of a regional office in Quito, DVV International has been active in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. The adult education systems established in these countries primarily enable people to complete school-leaving qualifications.

For more information about the journey, please visit our Spanish language websites for Peru and Ecuador.

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