February 2019

DVV International and the Peruvian National Council for Education sign cooperation agreement

Representatives of DVV International and the Peruvian National Council for Education after the signing of the cooperation agreement

Die peruanische Regierung entwickelt derzeit mit dem „Nationalen Bildungsprojekt 2036“ (Proyecto Educativo Nacional al 2036) eine neue nationale Bildungsstrategie. DVV International und der peruanische Nationalrat für Bildung haben am 18. Februar 2019 eine Kooperationsvereinbarung unterzeichnet, um das Projekt zu unterstützen und die Belange der Jugend- und Erwachsenenbildung in den Prozess einzuspeisen.

The Peruvian government is currently developing a new national education strategy with the “National Education Project 2036” (Proyecto Educativo Nacional al 2036). DVV International and the Peruvian National Council for Education signed a cooperation agreement on 18 February 2019 to support the project and to incorporate the interests of youth and adult education into the process.

The new national education project will update and improve Peruvian education policies based on the National Education Project 2021 (Proyecto Educativo Nacional al 2021). The aim is to develop multi-sectoral educational policies that guarantee the right to education for all and do justice to the actual educational needs of all age groups (children, young people, young adults, adults, seniors).

The development and design of the new education project should be carried out with the broadest possible participation of the population as well as of those responsible for education in the public and civil society sectors. To this end, the government has launched a comprehensive open dialogue process in which teachers, administrative staff, parents, pupils and students from public and private institutions throughout the country can and should participate.

DVV International and the Peruvian National Council for Education will work to ensure that youth and adult education are also included in this process. On the basis of the cooperation agreement, the two institutions will create dialogue forums – such as roundtables and public events – in seven regions of the country to gather opinions and suggestions on the education of young people and adults. The proposals resulting from this dialogue will then be incorporated into the design of the National Education Project 2036.

César Guadalupe, Chairman of the Peruvian National Council for Education, welcomed the signing of the agreement and stressed that it was important to look at extracurricular education as well in addition to primary education.

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