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DVV International initiated the first joint brand strategy of the largest German further education brand, along with the approximately 930 German adult education centres (vhs), their 16 state associations and Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e.V. (DVV). After the implementation of a new logo in 2013, DVV International now launches its new overall image.

First nationwide corporate design for the German adult education centres (vhs)

Up to now, education centres in Germany had very different brand images. For this reason, DVV began to cross federal borders and set up the first nation-wide corporate design. The first step was the development of a common logo for the adult education centres. The new logo shows the common German abbreviation “vhs”, which stands for “Volkshochschule”, with emotional colours related to a meeting place for education, vibrancy and diversity. The logo symbolically reflects the basic beliefs of adult education centres, that thought is given to the encounter between people of every background, education, gender and age, and to the many offers and venues for further education.

DVV International strengthens its visibility as a leading international brand

This nationwide brand strategy was extended internationally by the Institute. The new logo of the adult education centres was adopted by DVV International and was supplemented by the successful worldwide launch of the name “DVV International”. The new logo of DVV International has, for the first time, an optional claim next to it: Education for Everyone. Worldwide. Lifelong.

In April 2014, DVV International is launching its new overall image – based on the new corporate design of the adult education centres and the umbrella organisation – in order to strengthen the link to the common brand. Only the colour spectrum of the brand is different, specifically: While in the corporate design of the adult education centres and the DVV the primary colours red, yellow and blue dominate, the new image of DVV International is in the colours yellow, light blue and grey. The corporate design will be implemented in all the places the Institute is located to communicate, in particular, the partnership network idea of DVV International. The contact points of the logo will be represented in the corporate design of the Institute by circular shapes that complement each other and overlap.

The new logo and design of the German “vhs” received one of the most important international design awards: the iF communication design award 2014. More information here.


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