Staff in the Regions

West Africa

Regional Office West Africa (Mali) Regional Director

Gerhard Quincke

Country Office Guinea Country Director

Alhassane Souaré

North Africa

Country Office Morocco Country Director

Mohammed Belghazi

East Africa

Regional Office East Africa (Ethiopia) Regional Director

Sonja Belete

Country Office Uganda Country Director


Southern Africa

Regional Office Southern Africa (Malawi) Regional Director

David Harrington

Country Office Mozambique Country Director

Augusto Macicame

Country Office South Africa Country Director

Farrell Hunter

Middle East

Regional Office Jordan Regional Director

Nazaret Nazaretyan

Country Office Palestinian Territories Country Director

Ola Issa

Southeast Asia

Regional Office South and Southeast Asia (Laos) Regional Director

Uwe Gartenschlaeger

Country Office Cambodia Country Director

Peou Vanna

Central Asia

Regional Office Central Asia (Uzbekistan) Regional Director

Levan Kvatchadze

Country Office Kyrgyzstan Country Director

Nadezhda Romanenko

Country Office Tajikistan Country Director

Zarina Khalikova

Central America

Central America and Cuba Coordinator

Mario Roberto Silvestre Aroche

South America

Regional Office South America (Ecuador) Regional Director

Eva König

Country Office Bolivia Country Director

Wilfredo Limachi

Southeast Europe

Country Office Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Director

Dr. Emir Avdagic

Country Office Kosovo Country Director

Ramadan Alija

Country Office Macedonia Country Director

Biljana Mojsovska

Eastern Neighbours

Regional Office Eastern Neighbours (Ukraine) Regional Director

Bettina Brand

Country Office Republic of Moldova Country Director

Adela Scutaru-Gutu

Country Office Belarus Country Director

Galina Veramejchyk

Caucasus and Turkey

Regional Office Caucasus und Turkey (Georgia) Regional Director

Maja Avramovska

Country Office Armenia Country Director

Lusine Kharatyan

Country Office Turkey Country Director

Ayşe Öktem

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