Reaction of DVV International Central Asia

The professionalisation of adult learning and education in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

The distance learning platform developed in 2019, allows DVV International Uzbekistan to create opportunities for employees of partner organizations to improve their skills during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown regime.

In April 2020, 32 education specialists from all regions of Uzbekistan completed the distance learning course on the first Curriculum GlobALE module. The course was divided into six stages, each lasted a week. Per stage, participants received assignments and training materials for self-study (electronic materials, video presentations, additional materials for in-depth study on each topic). To coordinate and facilitate assignments and discussions, a special forum was opened on the platform where participants were able to interact with their tutors. At certain stages, electronic surveys were applied to test the degree of comprehension of the e-learning content. As an additional communication tool, a telegram group chat was used.

After the initial group completed the course, another group of about 20 participants from partner cultural centers was gathered. From April 25 to June 15, the education specialists not only advanced their knowledge and skills in contemporary approaches in adult education, but also their professional network and capacity to use online resources for teaching and learning purposes. The platform also provides the necessary supporting literature and information on adult learning and education (ALE).

The course received positive feedback from participants, and also from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and other partners. At the moment DVV International Uzbekistan is working with partners on preparing the third course with a further group of participants (about 90 people). In parallel with this work, the development of the second online CG module has commenced. It is planned that all CG modules will be digitalized for e-learning purposes and become available in Uzbek and Russian languages to all participants across Uzbekistan.


I think that the course is extremely relevant and necessary. I like its content, format, learning materials, assignments and the procedure of their implementation. The course intends not only to advance knowledge but also to test your skills. Honestly, I always thought that “distance learning” is very difficult, that it will be difficult in this way to comprehend the material. My previous experience, gained several years ago, became the basis for this assumption, and therefore, I always refused offers on distance learning. This course not only changed my attitude to this form of learning, but also encouraged me to take several other distance learning courses, and to organize distance learning courses on my own in order to share my knowledge and skills.

I thank the organizers of this course and those who promote this platform in Uzbekistan. It can bring many positive changes to our society!

Sardor Gaziev, course participant / freelance-trainer