Study trips

Study trips offer an opportunity to support the exchange of experience and knowledge between institutions in the partner countries and Adult Education Centres.

Partners from all over the world visit Adult Education Centres (Volkshochschulen – vhs)

DVV International regularly organises study trips to Germany for colleagues from educational institutions and ministries in its partner countries. This provides them with an insight into the German adult education system, as well as enabling them to take up a specialist exchange with German colleagues, establish important contacts and explore the potential for cooperation. Each visit is organised individually and in line with the needs of the participants in question. As a rule, they include workshops on adult education contents and methods, and for instance offer information on the structure, organisation and funding of the German Adult Education Centres, as well as of the Land associations and the DVV parent association. What is more, in most cases an impression is provided of the superordinate system of German adult education, and the interaction between governmental and civil-society players in the planning, organisation and funding of non-formal education and adult education in Germany is explained. Visits to ministries, municipal institutions or non-governmental organisations are also a fixed element of study trips. In recent years, this has enabled amongst others partners from Armenia, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Georgia, Jordan, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Laos, Cambodia, Ecuador, Peru, Cuba, Mexico and Turkey to visit German Adult Education Centres.

Adult Education Centre study trips to DVV International’s partner countries

A large number of German Adult Education Centres offer study trips all over the globe within their portfolios. DVV International supports Adult Education Centres planning study trips to the Institute’s partner countries in preparation and follow-up, as well as by arranging contacts in the partner countries. Adult Education Centres’ travel groups can visit country and regional offices, as well as projects of DVV International’s partners. This enables study groups to obtain an in-depth insight into the work of the Institute, to familiarise themselves with the situation in the country in question, and to learn straight from the horse’s mouth. In recent years, this has enabled for instance groups to be received in Zimbabwe, Armenia and Georgia.

vhs cooperations

DVV International operates worldwide with more than 200 partners in over 30 countries.

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