Southern Africa

The commitment of DVV International in the Southern African region began in 1995 in Angola and 1998 in South Africa. Today, the Institute maintains a regional office in Zimbabwe as well as a country office in South Africa and Mozambique.

In all three countries, DVV International is committed to improve the relevant adult education systems at the micro, meso and macro levels. The focus is based on the country needs and target groups as well as the political conditions on the different topics which are in the focal point. These include literacy, non-formal career/job training, popular education, community learning and rural development.

An exchange between the countries of Southern Africa as well as other countries and regions in Africa is held on topics such as gender, non-formal vocational education and the REFLECT method (Regenerated Freirian Literacy through Empowering Community Techniques) inspired by Paolo Freire. Cooperation with universities plays a special role in the three countries of the region. They are particularly involved in the training of trainers and qualified personnel in the field of non-formal education.