• Apprentices the vocational training centre Shurugwi

  • Traditional dance by women from Shurugwi village

  • Training for welders in a vocational training center

Since 2010, DVV International has been working in Zimbabwe, and since 2014 the Regional Office for Southern Africa has been located there. The starting point for the promotion of development-oriented adult education in Zimbabwe is difficult because the data position and the distribution of tasks between different government agencies is unclear. There are no clear policy guidelines and strategies in order to integrate non-formal education in a concept of lifelong learning. 

In addition, there are no accreditation structures and there is a lack of flexible curricula and integrative approaches to connect remedial formal education with practical vocational and real-life oriented concepts. The few actors active in non-formal education are poorly networked.

Against the background of these challenges, DVV International promotes adult education in Zimbabwe with a focus on professionally oriented education and non-formal basic education. Governmental and non-governmental partners are strengthened in their organisational and capacity development to enable the necessary changes in the adult education system.

Main focus of work

Non-formal career/job training: DVV International supports non-formal vocational courses both with non-governmental organisations as well as with state vocational training centres who particularly focus on young people as a target group. These offers are aimed primarily at the rural population. They should increase their employability and improve their income and nutritional situation.

Strengthening institutional capacities: DVV International supports its partners by providing further training for specialist personnel, trainers as well as adult educators and teachers according to their needs. Thus the quality and relevance of the organisations and their programmes can be secured.

Policy dialogue: DVV International supports dialogue, particularly with ministries on issues such as accreditation, multi-sector coordination and funding of adult education. Only so can the conditions for sustainable improvement of adult education in Zimbabwe be guaranteed.


The main partner in Zimbabwe is the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment (MYIEE), bound with a "Memorandum of Understanding". The focus of the cooperation is the development of relevant, non-formal vocational courses at vocational training centres throughout Zimbabwe, which are supported by DVV International in many urban and rural areas.

Contact in Zimbabwe

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Regional Director Southern Africa:
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