Middle East

Since 2009, DVV International has been working with partners in the Middle East. The regional office in Jordan was opened in 2010, the country office for Palestine established in 2012 in Ramallah. A branch in Gaza followed in 2013.

One of the biggest problems in the Middle East is the high unemployment and the resulting poverty and hopelessness. In particular, young adults under the age of 25 are affected. Depending on the source or on the country, up to 60 percent are without work. For this reason, DVV International, along with its partners, has set itself the goal of encouraging and enabling youth and young adults to fulfil their potential and to engage in economic, political and social life. 

Focus of the work of DVV International in the Middle East is the development of innovative educational programmes, the qualification of specialists in adult education and the development of adult education centres. Similarly relevant projects are being implemented in Jordan and Palestine. Exchange on these issues, as well as training, planning and evaluation meetings are held at the regional level. 

Another important area is networking and lobbying for lifelong learning. DVV International supports four networks with hundreds of member organisations from across the Arab world in the process of developing skills in the field of adult education, to promote participatory teaching and learning methods and to represent their interests to governments and international organisations. In addition, DVV International has initiated two regional working groups in the Middle East Network on Innovative Teaching and Learning (MENIT).

In respect to the refugee crisis in connection with the conflict in Syria, DVV International helps partners in Jordan in the integration of Syrian refugees through educational programmes. Here, refugees and locals together obtain relevant skills and engage in initiatives and self-help groups to gain access to much-needed goods and services.