• Women's Centre of the partner organisation Didi Bahini

  • Premises of Bhaktapur adult education centre

  • Members of partner organisation Didi Bahini at the International Women’s Day demonstration

Adult education in Nepal is to a large extent carried out by civil society organisations. In addition to the fight against poverty, the main focus is on women’s education and dealing with the consequences of decades of civil war. Education and counselling services for migrants are also increasingly gaining in importance. Every day more than 1,000, mostly young people, leave the country to work or study in the Gulf States, India, Australia and other parts of the world. Since 2005, DVV International has been cooperating with the women’s rights organisation Didi Bahini in Nepal. 

Main focus of work

Women’s and girls’ centres: DVV International supports the non-governmental organisation Didi Bahini in the establishment and development of educational and resource centres for girls and women. In addition to educational opportunities, the possibility of economic and social self-organisation of women is also on offer.

Educational and vocational guidance: Since 2015, the VHS Bhaktapur has been supported in its efforts to carry out educational and counselling services for youth and adults. The focus is on language acquisition (especially German) and vocational guidance.


Didi Bahini (“Older sister – Younger sister”) is a non-governmental organisation that emerged from the women’s movement. The work focuses on the creation and support for women’s resource centres. Meanwhile, the field of activity was expanded to include the topics extracurricular youth education as well as work with prisoners and the disabled.

The VHS Bhaktapur arose from an initiative to create good quality German lessons. After the initiators got into contact with the German adult education centres (VHS), there arose the desire to extend the offers as required, for example to possibilities of vocational and educational counselling for school-leavers.

Contact in Nepal

DVV International
Regional Office South-East Asia
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Thaphalanxay Village
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Regional Director South-East Asia:
Uwe Gartenschlaeger

Contact in Germany

Senior Desk Office South-East Asia:
Dr. Johann Heilmann

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