North Macedonia

Presentation of the adult education centre during the Lifelong Learning Days in Bitola

Training on the basics of the adult education system in North Macedonia

Handover of participation certificates at the end of a workshop on Curriculum globALE, Ohrid

DVV International opened its first international office in Southeastern Europe in North Macedonia in 1998. Since then the Institute has been a major supporter of the development of adult education in the country. Through its work and cooperation with all the relevant stakeholders in the education sector, DVV International makes a significant contribution to the building and to the reform of the system and to the implementation of policies in the field of adult education. Through its numerous projects, DVV International has established a national network of institutions and experts in adult education. As a result, DVV International helps to strengthen cooperation and coordination between stakeholders and to create synergies.

In order to continue its work through its local partner, the Centre for Lifelong Learning, DVV International closed its country office in 2014. The Centre for Lifelong Learning coordinates a national project in North Macedonia and a regional adult education academy in Southeastern Europe.

Main focus of work

DVV International supports the development and implementation of policies in the adult education sector by working with all the state providers responsible for adult education. Through advice and capacity building, DVV International plays an active role in the creation and development of legislative initiatives, policies and processes for the delineation of adult education.

Since 2002, through the ongoing nationwide campaign Lifelong Learning Days, DVV International makes a contribution to the development of the culture of lifelong learning in North Macedonia.

The Institute supports the professionalisation of adult education in North Macedonia and in Southeastern Europe through the strengthening of the capacities of adult educators and trainers. Through numerous trainings and further education on current issues, a contribution is made to quality assurance in education for adults.

DVV International contributes to the democratisation and development of active citizenship in the country. Through measures for democracy education of adults, support is given for the development of democracy and the peaceful coexistence of different ethnic groups in North Macedonia.


DVV International organises its work on the basis of joint working partnerships. All the main partners are state institutions responsible for adult education policy, such as the Ministry of Education and Science, the Centre for Adult Education and all other relevant actors in the country.

DVV International works with in concert with the various adult education providers at the country level. These include the people’s open universities for lifelong learning, numerous non- governmental organisations and other adult education institutions.

Even the numerous international organisations in North Macedonia belong to the sphere of DVV International partners in order to conduct joint projects.