South America

DVV International has been working with a variety of partners and on various themes in a number of countries in South America since 1972. First countries focused on were Colombia (1972) and Bolivia (1986), later came Argentina (1992 to 2012) and Chile (1988 to 2009). The two Latin American networks CEAAL (adult education network) and REPEM (women’s network) were included as a key strategic partners of DVV International in the region from the start, and for activities at the national level as well. Since 2010, the work of DVV International in South America has been focused on the Andean region: Ecuador (regional office), Bolivia (country office), Peru and Colombia. The focus on selected countries and similar thematic priorities enables a lively professional exchange between countries, coordinated by the regional office in Ecuador. Topics include the strengthening of adult education systems, bilingual intercultural education, education in prisons or working with or in adult education centres. Transnational topics are promoted, among other things, at joint events such as the Encuentro Andino or study trips.