The ICAE Virtual Seminar “Adult Education and Development: Post 2015” starts on March 10, 2014

Following issue 80 of the journal “Adult Education and Development”, published by DVV International in cooperation with the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE), ICAE is organizing a Virtual Seminar about the topic “Post 2015” from March 10 till March 24, 2014. 

The Seminar is free of charge and open to anyone. It runs via e-mail. If you wish to participate, send an e-mail to:

The Virtual Seminar will be run in English. Comments can be sent in French or Spanish and they will be translated into English.

The objectives of the ICAE Virtual Seminar are:
1. To promote a debate and dialogue on selected articles of the journal Adult Education and Development on “Post 2015” in order to go deeper and broaden the analysis. 
2. To create a virtual space as an opportunity to reflect on the links between the Post 2015 development agenda, the EFA goals and the CONFINTEA Belém Framework for Action, in order to strategize and define common advocacy actions.
3. To provide an update on the Post 2015-process and the work we need to undertake to include Lifelong Learning in the next stage.

All the inputs of the Seminar will also be available at the ICAE´ blog:

The journal is available online via the following links:
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