Curriculum institutionALE

What is Curriculum institutionALE?

Curriculum institutionALE is a framework for the organisational development of adult education institutions. It was developed to provide guidance for the staff of DVV International worldwide. Curriculum institutionALE offers basic elements for defining goals and criteria for the capacity development of adult education institutions, for collecting reliable baseline data, for designing and implementing the capacity-building process, and for assessing progress.

Who can use Curriculum institutionALE?

The guidelines were initially developed for DVV International staff, but they can also be used by other people who are involved in the organisational and capacity development of adult education providers.

From the very beginning of the Curriculum InstitutionALE programme, I did not doubt that these training activities would be useful for the organisation that I manage, and for me personally. Perhaps this combination is a feature of the programme - the training of a specific person who can change the entire organisation’s activities.

The knowledge gained on the programme helped strengthen our Adult Education Centre’s (AEC’s) organisational capacity. In 2020, the programme provided an opportunity to practice the skills of strategy and fundraising, as well as the provision of paid educational services. We have significantly strengthened our position in implementing a systemic communication policy, attracting/retaining the target audience, conducting online courses, and other educational events using online tools.

All our team members greatly benefit from the systematic work on self-assessment of organisational development, especially with the subsequent implementation of those activities that compensate for our weaknesses, expand potentials, and contribute to the AEC’s institutional sustainability.

Tetyana Odnorog, Chairwoman of the Board of the Adult Education Centre “First”, Ukraine

The sphere of adult learning and education is new for Ukraine, and practical recommendations have not yet been developed on the activities of ALE providers. The Curriculum institutionALE (CI) is therefore almost the only opportunity to build our capacity and develop key competencies and services.

The initial familiarisation with the matrix of institutional development proved that this is a very carefully and systematically thought-out tool covering all aspects of ALE providers’ activity, including some that one would not have thought of at all.

The CI is systemic and flexible at the same time. Each organisation can choose those indicators that can be planned and are attainable at the organisation’s existing level of development.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Curriculum institutionALE programme developers for their professionalism and assistance in developing lifelong learning worldwide.

Yuriy Petrushenko, Head of the “Education for Life” Adult Education Centre, Ukraine


Bettina Brand
Senior Desk-Officer for East and Southeast Europe, Caucasus

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