Curriculum managerALE

What is Curriculum managerALE?

Curriculum managerALE is a modular competency-based curriculum for managers of institutions of adult learning and education (IALE). Its content has been carefully selected so that it can be implemented in different cultural and social contexts, even in geographical locations with minimum teaching facilities, in order to provide IALE managers with the necessary components of competencies for effective management, while maintaining a close connection with DVV International’s Curriculum globALE and Curriculum institutionALE.

Who can use Curriculum managerALE?

The curriculum was developed for managers of institutions of adult learning and education. These institutions are local education, training and learning places that are accessible for a broad section of the population, provide for local learning needs – whether literacy, academic knowledge, practical know-how or job-related skills – and meet constantly changing local, national and global framework conditions, using flexible techniques.

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