Popular Education Approaches for Learning based on Daily Urgent Needs Education (DUNE)

What are the Popular Education Approaches for DUNE?

“Popular Education Approaches for Learning based on Daily Urgent Needs Education” (DUNE) aims at driving the learning process within an environment of dialogue that bases its subjects on learners’ daily urgent needs, regarded by learners as burdensome basic problems that cause stress and pain. Daily urgent needs are, for example, the constant lack of stable income sources through employment or self-employment, limited or no access to health services and education, and all the challenges related to socio-economic marginalisation and poverty. Therefore, putting such needs into context and subjecting them to dialogue calls for broadening our perspective and analysing such needs within a learning context consistent with an individual reality assessment and the relevance to the reality of the local community, resulting in a state of awareness and recognition of the causes of problems and the ability to turn them into opportunities.

Who can use Popular Education Approaches for DUNE?

DUNE can be used by educators, trainers and facilitators working in the areas of adult education and development who are interested in participatory approaches.

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