Curriculum interculturALE

On the basis of its experience in working abroad, DVV International has developed a new intercultural-didactic additional qualification for integration work with refugees at German Adult Education Centres in the shape of Curriculum interculturALE.

Particularly in the Middle East region, DVV International successfully implements educational projects with partners at municipality level which aim to help improve the integration of refugees into local society. The primary target group in Jordan is currently people who have had to flee their homes in Syria.

This target group matches a large share of those attending low-threshold German language courses for refugees at Adult Education Centres. The aspiration to learn from one another for integration work was therefore the starting point of the project entitled “Intercultural-didactic additional qualification for integration work with refugees”, which is being promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from April 2017 to February 2019 (as part of the “Einstieg Deutsch” project of the German Federal Office of the DVV).

The overriding objectives of this innovative approach to intercultural education are the international transfer of knowledge and the intercultural-didactic professionalisation of instructors and volunteers who work with refugees in low-threshold German language courses. An international team of experts has been put together for this purpose to develop a curriculum as well as teaching and learning materials such as various participatory training methods and topical dossiers on themes such as communication, integration, role relationships, different teaching and learning approaches, etc. On the basis of this curriculum, the international team of experts has trained 25 multipliers since March 2018 from a total of eight associations of German Adult Education Centres at Länder level. These individuals go on to offer intercultural-didactic training to the target group of instructors and volunteers via the further education programmes of the associations at Länder level.

“Curriculum interculturALE”, which was created as part of the project, can be downloaded here in German or English in PDF format:
Curriculum interculturALE in German  
Curriculum interculturALE in English 

Contact Person:
Meike Woller 


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