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Tailoring courses in Kosovo in four Vocational Training Centres

As a development partner focusing on adult education and training, DVV International is offering ongoing support to its local partners in Kosovo dealing with the crisis brought on by COVID-19 by providing social and educational services, especially for vulnerable groups. 

With a focus on the situation created by the crisis and the shortage of personal protection equipment to fend off COVID-19 (protective clothing and masks), DVV International, responsible for managing eight vocational training centres, has taken the initiative – in coordination with the Employment Agency of the Republic of Kosovo (APRK) – to resume providing tailoring courses for small groups of trainees in four such centres in different regions of Kosovo (Prishtina, Mitrovica, Gjilan and Prizren) in order to help mitigate the public health crisis in Kosovo created by COVID-19.

The tailoring courses in these training centres are organised for small groups of trainees with a maximum of 6 persons (trainer and 5 trainees) with all adhering to the required social distancing guidelines between the people. The selection of the trainees for these courses was conducted in cooperation with the unemployment registration centres in the regions.

This project, developed in cooperation with APRK, aims to achieve two main goals:

  1. Female course participants shall acquire the necessary tailoring knowledge and skills and boost their chances for gainful employment, either through employment or self-employment.
  2. Production of protection equipment required in the wake of the pandemic and delivery of such products free of charge to targeted groups.
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