Video podcast "Adult learning and education in times of Covid-19"

Episode 12: Keeping distance and yet being close - education creates cohesion

With: Prof. Rita Süssmuth, President of the German Bundestag (ret.) and Honorary President of the German Adult Education Association

Language: German with English subtitles 

Episode 11: La crisis de la corona y sus implicaciones para comunidades indígenas

With: Esthela Vásquez, member of an indigenous community (Ecuador)

Language: Spanish

Episode 10: India and the Corona Crisis – Lessons for Global Citizenship Education

With: Rajesh Tandon, Founder-President of Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)

Language: English

Episode 9: La femme tunisienne en temps de crise

With: Radhia Jerbi, Präsidentin, Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne (National Union of Tunisian Women) 

Language: French

Episode 8: Community development and adult education in Laos

With: Somchit Phonevilai, Academic staff, Literacy and Upgrading Education Section, Non-Formal Education Development Center  

Language: English

Episode 7: Adult education 2.0 – The German Adult Education Centres and their digital learning offers

With: Celia Sokolowsky, Project Lead at the German Adult Education Association (DVV)

Language: English 

Episode 6: Implications of the Corona crisis for youth education in Kyrgyzstan

With: Akmaral Satinbaeva, Executive Director of the youth organisation “Youth of Osh”

Language: English 

Episode 5: Community development in Georgia during the Corona crisis

With: Tamar Chabukiani, Director of the Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN)

Language: English

Episode 4: Adult education, democracy and human rights

With: Timothy Ireland, Professor of Education, Federal University of Paraíba, João Pessoa (Brazil)

Language: English

Episode 3: New opportunities for civil society arising from the Corona pandemic

With: Ayşe Öktem, Director of the organisation beraberce (Turkey)

Language: English 

Episode 2: The Corona crises and the challenges for community education in South Africa

With Farrell Hunter, DVV International Country Director for South Africa

Language: English

Episode 1: How should adult education organisations react to the Corona crisis

With Refat Sabbah, President of the Arab House of Adult Education and Development

Language: English