Regarding the current situation in the Middle East

The German Adult Education Association (Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband – DVV) condemns in the strongest possible terms the cruel attacks on Israel by the radical Islamic terrorist organisation Hamas. Appalled and astounded, we have had to witness the targeted mass murder and hostage-taking of innocent people from Israel.

Our heartfelt compassion goes out to the civilian population of Israel and Palestine. They are experiencing immense suffering as a result of the ongoing state of war.

Our Institute for International Cooperation, DVV International, has implemented projects to advance adult learning and education in the region since 2012, particularly at the local level. Eight local staff and numerous colleagues in partner organisations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are currently exposed to the extremely tense security situation and the catastrophic humanitarian predicament in Gaza. They are struggling to find ways to deal with the hardship and extraordinary burdens that they and their families face every day. We are supporting them as best we can.

We are firmly convinced that adult learning and education can make an important contribution to peace, understanding between nations as well as to sustainable development. In this spirit, we very much hope that our cooperation and collaboration with our colleagues and partners in the region will be able to continue.


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