Call for submissions on "Education for Global Citizenship"

DVV International is now seeking for submissions for its international journal Adult Education and Development, issue 82/2015 on "Education for Global Citizenship".
In issue 81 we looked at the building blocks of human society when we tackled the issue of communities and learning. Now we shift our focus to the world arena, which also includes the local one. We live in a global world, where events far away affect our daily lives. We, in turn, also affect world events. How to combine the local and the global? UNESCO suggests we develop education for global citizenship. The aim is to empower learners to engage and assume active roles both locally and globally to face and resolve global challenges and ultimately to become contributors to a more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive secure and sustainable world. 

Education in a globalized world is increasingly putting emphasis on the importance of values, attitudes and communication skills as a critical complement to cognitive knowledge and skills. Education is relevant to understand and resolve social, political, cultural and global issues. This includes the role of education in supporting peace, human rights, democracy, equity, acceptance of diversity, and sustainable development.

What could education for global citizenship look like? How does it relate to other transformative perspectives?

We invite you to propose articles, topics, themes and project examples for issue 82 of Adult Education and Development. Please send your suggestions to the Editor, Johanni Larjanko ( and the Managing Editor, Ruth Sarrazin (

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