DVV International Laos wins 2018 Grundtvig Award

DVV International Laos won the 2018 Grundtvig Award on "cooperations and partnerships in adult education" in the international category.

EAEA President Per Paludan Hansen (right) with the award winners, © EAEA

EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults) has awarded adult education projects in its annual EAEA Grundtvig Awards. This year’s award celebrated cooperations and partnerships in adult education. DVV International Laos won in the international category.

Successful adult education strategies, initiatives and projects do not happen in isolation. Cooperations and partnerships are becoming more and more important and often contribute to more innovation, better provision and more participants in adult education.

To raise awareness about the importance of cooperation in adult education, EAEA awarded three projects which were highly successful in fostering cooperations and partnerships.

DVV International Laos was the winner in the international category. Its project focused on professionalisation of adult education staff, as there is a lack of qualified teachers and trainers in all segments of non-formal education in the area. Now the graduates are considered to be the first expert trainers in teaching and learning of youth and adults in their organisations. The project presents a wide range of partnerships and cooperations within the Asia Pacific region, with stakeholders from different sectors.

The winner of the national category, a network of regional coordinators led by ANDRAS in Estonia, is a regional project aimed at encouraging people to learn and thus increase participation in lifelong learning. The winner of the European category, Skills for Inclusion, led by Associazione Agrado, gathered the expertise of different European partners with the aim of introducing digital innovation to the education of socially disadvantaged groups and inmates.

The winning projects were selected by a jury consisting of EAEA Executive Board Members. The winners were announced on 27 June 2018, and the award ceremony took place in the Tallinn Town Hall.

DVV International congratulates all the award winners!

Background: The EAEA Grundtvig Award was launched in 2003 by EAEA in order to recognise and celebrate excellence in adult education. It highlights project results that produce new ideas, new partnerships, new methodologies and a new understanding of how we can work in adult learning.

Text: EAEA, DVV International

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