Just published: “Youth and Adult Education in Prisons”

People in prison, in Africa, Asia and Latin America but also in Europe, belong to the most disadvantaged population groups. For over 15 years, DVV International has been committed to improving their educational opportunities, and at various locations worldwide carries out educational projects in prisons.

Education is an essential prerequisite for successful rehabilitation and social reintegration and offers a real prospect of a future without crime to the incarcerated. But what does education for the incarcerated mean? What should be considered? What requirements must be met and what actors are important in order to guarantee the right to education to the incarcerated, not only on paper, but in reality? What approaches, concepts and measures are there for this? And what can they accomplish? 

An answer to these questions and more is offered by the collection “Youth and Adult Education in Prisons”, which has now been published in the series “International Perspectives in Adult Education”. DVV International representatives from all over the world report on their work and experiences in the field of Youth and Adult Education in prisons in Latin America, Central Asia, North Africa and Europe. 

DVV International presents this collection in order to make these experiences useful across national borders for colleagues in other regions and to encourage and promote professional exchange between continents and in the context of South-South cooperation.

The English version is available now and can be ordered free of charge from info@dvv-international.de. The digital version is available as a free download.

The collection will also appear in Russian in October 2014 and in Spanish in November 2014. Pre-orders can be made through info@dvv-international.de.

More editions of the series “International Perspectives in Adult Education” can be found here.

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