Now online: webinar with Paul Holdsworth about “The new Skills Agenda for Europe”

A webinar with Paul Holdsworth (European Commission), hosted by ICAE and DVV International on 2 May, is now available online.

A webinar with Paul Holdsworth (European Commission), hosted by ICAE and DVV International on 2 May, is now available online.

In the framework of the virtual seminar 2017 on the topic of “Skills and Competencies”, the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) and DVV International organised, for the first time, an online discussion in the form of a webinar. The virtual seminar as well as the webinar was based on issue 83 of DVV International’s journal Adult Education and Development (AED).

During the webinar, Paul Holdsworth presented and discussed his article on The New Skills Agenda for Europe, written together with Dana Bachmann for this year’s AED edition. Paul Holdsworth is team leader for Skills for Adults in the Vocational Education and Training, Apprenticeships and Adult Education Unit in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

The European Commission has published major proposals to tackle a number of challenges faced by the European Union in the field of skills and human capital. These aim to improve the quality and relevance of skills formation, make skills and qualifications more visible and comparable, and improve skills intelligence and information for better career choices.

Shermaine Barrett, senior lecturer in the School of Technical and Vocational Education at the University of Technology, Jamaica, and member of the ICAE Board and the AED editorial board, commented on the presentation from a Caribbean point of view.

The webinar was held on 2 May. Over 30 participants from Europe and other parts of the world engaged in the discussion. The webinar is available online at

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