Maria Khan, Secretary General of the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE), a partner organisation of DVV International, talks about successes and challenges of the new global education agenda.

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When perusing the literature, discourse and practice of adult education, specifically adult literacy, it is interesting to note that the majority of authors refer to “adult literacy provision”. However, when we look at the literature and practices of the health, agriculture and other sectors, it seems that the terminology changes and the words “service delivery” are introduced. One may ask whether this matters. It seems it does, because it changes the way we think about our target group, what and how we offer what we think they need.

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, Adela Scutaru-Gutu

Ludmila's dream

Almost every girl in the world has tried to create garments for her dolls – either in a simple way, twisting a piece of fabric over the doll’s waist or in a more sophisticated manner, trying to learn the craft while watching a skilled needlewoman. When Ludmila, a girl from Chisinau, Moldova was sewing dresses for her dolls, adults didn’t take her seriously. Yet a neighbour-woman kept repeating: “Surely one day you’ll be a fashion-designer.”

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Gaining new perspectives and abilities, dealing with a painful past, strengthening self-esteem and self-realization, enjoying a sense of community with new friends, having fun, feeling young again, escaping from everyday life and learning new ways to communicate, these are just some of the reasons that brought adults, especially elderly people, to the Adult Education Centers in Georgia and motivated them to start learning again.

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Farrell Hunter, Country Director of DVV International in South Africa, talks about a workshop which reflected on the role and challenges of community non-formal and popular education in the broader education context in South Africa.

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Despite many efforts which are underway to ensure quality education and to open access to literacy education, the illiteracy rate in Afghanistan is still high. According to optimistic estimations the illiteracy rate in Afghanistan is 62 % and is considered among the highest in the world. DVV International and partners like ANAFAE fight to improve the situation, but they require more attention and support.

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