Bildung project: First concept note

DVV International – as the lead institution in the consortium of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) – along with its eleven European partners started the Erasmus+ project Bildung in December 2020. The Bildung project contributes to innovation of the European adult education sector by adopting the holistic concept of Bildung and exploring its political and practical potential for adult learning and education.

Lene Rachel Andersen, Danish author and founder of “Nordic Bildung”, wrote the first concept note of the Bildung project. It will serve as the conceptual basis for further work, namely for identifying good practices for using the Bildung framework to design adult education programmes.

Read concept note (PDF)!

In parallel, a logo for the new project was also developed. It symbolizes the many aspects of cognitive, emotional and moral development of a human being through holistic education (=Bildung). Furthermore, a microsite within the web presence of the European Association for the Education of Adults will be launched in February 2021.


About the project:

The multiple challenges and rapid changes in our societies, in Europe, demand from us a rethink of the role of education. While Lifelong Learning is widely accepted as the main concept, we have to rethink the role and concepts of Adult Learning and Education (ALE). This is essential if we want to equip citizens with the skills to make informed decisions and take transformative action in a world shaped by, for example, climate change, digitalisation and the social divide.

The Bildung project contributes to this rethinking by making use of the Bildung concept as a means of conceptualising ALE. The Bildung concept, rooted in the tradition of the enlightenment and Nordic Folkbildning, envisages an education which targets all aspects of development in individuals, communities and societies, holistically including ethical, emotional, scientific dimensions, and more. Eleven network partners from all over Europe will explore the use of this concept for the ALE sector in the fields of digitalisation, sustainability, democracy and basic education.

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