Curriculum globALE launched at Osh State University

DVV International Kyrgyzstan, together with its partner the Osh State University (OshSU), launched the project “Institutionalization Curriculum globALE” in the formal education sector.

Nazgul Radzhabova, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations, and Zhyldyz Aitbayeva, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law, in a group discussion ©Ainura Makebaeva

Zhamilya Asanbekova, Associate Professor and national trainer ©Ainura Makebaeva

Zhyldyz Aitbayeva, Kumar Romanov, director of the college, Kyyalbek Sakibayev, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Medicine ©Ainura Makebaeva

Training and implementation of Curriculum GlobALE in Kyrgyzstan began in 2019. By the end of 2022, more than 30 adult educators were certified and successfully using the new knowledge and skills in their professional activities.

Two cycles of training were organized during the period from 2019 to 2022. The first cycle of training was attended by 13 participants from different areas of education, both formal and informal. The second cycle of training was organized jointly with the Institute for upgrading qualification and re-training of teachers at the Kyrgyz State University (IUQ-KSU). Eighteen academic teachers were trained, and graduates of the first group were brought in as trainers.

A group of alumni of the Curriculum GlobALE developed the training and methodological manual “Adult Learning and Education. Basic Approaches”, which contributes to the quality of training and professional development courses for university teachers, independent trainers, and has further uses in the educational process.

The IUQ-KSU began implementing the program for the 2022-2023 academic year at the Institute for upgrading qualification and re-training of teachers in Bishkek.

The Curriculum GlobALE program was continued to expand outreach to institutions of higher education.

The successful kick off of any new program requires close partnership between all involved parties. In 2023, DVV International Kyrgyzstan, together with its partner the Osh State University (OshSU), launched the project “Institutionalization Curriculum globALE” in the formal education sector.

Highly esteemed by academic staff

This partnership marks a significant step forward in the field of adult education as it brings together the expertise of both organizations to introduce andragogy as a field of study in the formal education sector. OshSU is one of the leading universities in Kyrgyzstan and has an excellent reputation for academic education and innovative approaches in teaching. The institutionalization of Curriculum GlobALE at Osh State University will help improve the quality of adult learning and education in Kyrgyzstan.

Osh State University organized a competition among academic staff and teachers to select the future participants of Curriculum GlobALE. A 17 people were chosen and started their training in March 2023. University teachers who participate in this program will be able to use new methods in adult education and teach classes in a more interactive and engaging way. They will also be better prepared to work in an international environment and have more career opportunities.

“This program is very relevant these days because adult education is developing intensively. This module was very good and comprehensive, with a lot of useful information and content, which in practice will enable really good results. After the training, a lot of ideas presented themselves, so I will try to put everything into practice,” said Aitbayeva Zhyldyz, PhD Law, Associate Professor of Civil Law and Process Law.

Rajapova Nazgul Abiybullaevna, MA in Political Science, Associate Professor of International Relations at Osh State University, is also pleased with the program: “The main reason I applied for it is that today there are a great number of requirements to improve the quality of education and the diversity of teaching methods, not only from our university, but also from society as a whole in relation to the representatives from the sphere of education, and we must meet these expectations. Moreover, this program provides knowledge in the field of formal and informal adult education.”

Implementation and institutionalization of Curriculum GlobALE is the next stage of development for adult learning education in Kyrgyzstan. It helps teachers gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their work.

Overall, the partnership between DVV International and Osh State University is a positive development for both organizations and for the academic community of Kyrgyzstan as a whole. By providing academic faculties with access to Curriculum globALE, the partnership will help ensure that Osh State University students receive a high-quality education preparing them for their future careers.

Ainura Makebaeva, project manager, DVV International Kyrgyzstan


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