What is Bildung? – New publication released

What is Bildung? Publication by EAEA and DVV International

The English-language publication “What is Bildung – and how does it relate to ALE” is now published as part of an EU project. The book gives a comprehensive insight into the question of why adult learning and education (ALE) should not only focus on learning, but on “Bildung”. The publication is the first part of a six-part series that deals with the concept of education and its various thematic aspects at the European level. Under the leadership of DVV International (Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association) and EAEA (European Association for the Education of Adults), a total of eleven European partners is participating in the project "Building Inclusive Lifelong Learning Systems by Developing a European Understanding of Education for the Next Generations", which will continue until mid-2023.

The publication "What is Bildung?" provides an in-depth and concise overview of the term “Bildung” or rather education and examines what kind of education is required in order to be better equipped for the challenges of the 21st century. Adult learning and education based on the concept of “Bildung” can help people navigate an increasingly complex environment and an unknown future, and it encourages tolerance and curiosity. “What is Bildung” contains an overview of the history, meaning and potential of the European concept of education and thus not only introduces the term education, but also separates it from today's mainstream adult learning and education. The EU project aims to contribute to innovation in adult learning and education in Europe by taking up the holistic concept of “Bildung” or education and exploring its political and practical potential. The concept that has now been published aims to contribute to a holistic and less instrumental educational approach. It enables every individual to participate more actively as a citizen in democracy and society. It thus contributes to the further development of the sector and addresses central challenges of integration for European society.

After experiencing the Covid-19 crisis in the first year of the project, the project partners' focus on the difficulties that the adult education sector is suffering from has sharpened significantly. The EU project also aims to promote solution-oriented processing of the pandemic, combat inequalities and support a more inclusive approach in adult learning and education. In the next few months, the thematic focal points of education and digital learning, democracy, sustainability and basic education will each follow as an independent publication.

More information on the European project education: https://eaea.org/project/bildung/

Free download of the publication “What is Bildung”


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