, Eva König, Senior Desk Officer Central America and Cuba, South America, DVV International

The "Right to Education" at risk – Youth and adult education in Latin America in times of the coronavirus pandemic

Early on, governments in many South and Central American countries reacted to the new coronavirus with sometimes drastic measures. But when restrictions were eased, Latin America became a pandemic hotspot. A lesson from the Corona crisis is: Youth and adult education is more necessary than ever. But how is an "education of tomorrow" to be shaped?

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, Johann Heilmann, Regional Director South and Southeast Asia, DVV International

A success story or still a long way to go? Adult learning and education in Southeast Asia

The concept of lifelong learning (LLL) is certainly on the rise; this is also true for Southeast Asia where the governments of Laos and Cambodia recently adopted lifelong learning policies. But in what way does Adult Learning and Education (ALE) benefit from it? In order to answer this question and to assess the state of adult education in mainland Southeast Asia, DVV International conducted a research project in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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, Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Deputy Director, DVV International , Germany

The new dynamics of adult learning and education in the corona pandemic

Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Deputy Director of DVV International, reflects on the implications of the corona pandemic on adult learning and education (ALE) around the world but also highlights the potential of ALE in giving answers to the societal challenges arising from this crisis.

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, Werner Mauch, Team Leader, Monitoring and Assessment of Lifelong Learning, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning , Hamburg, Germany

Adult learning and education from a global perspective: Towards CONFINTEA VII

The International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA), a UNESCO-led intergovernmental conference, is an important platform for policy dialogue, as well as for related research and advocacy in the development of youth and adult learning and education (ALE). The next Conference is scheduled for 2022 in Morocco. Werner Mauch from UIL gives an update on the process towards CONFINTEA VII.

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, Ayşe Öktem, Director, beraberce , Turkey

Freedom in times of corona – An example from Turkey

The Turkish association beraberce has been running the “Hatırla! Remember!” project in partnership with the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International) since 2019.

The project aims to take a multi-perspective look at and exert an influence on the Turkish culture of remembrance through international and intra-Turkish exchange. Due to the corona pandemic, the project had to be redesigned.

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Up to ten public organisations in the Gomel region are conducting programmes in correctional facilities. Not all NGOs are willing to work with this target group. Having said that, and whilst it was practically impossible only ten years ago for NGOs in Belarus to initiate educational activities in correctional facilities, the situation is gradually changing today.

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, Dr. Ingrid Schöll, Director, and Andreas Preu, Head of Department Politics, Science and International Affairs – both Volkshochschule Bonn

Building Bonn on Books and Bytes

Within the last two decades, Bonn has grown into Germany’s United Nations city and a centre where the global challenges of the future are addressed. Lifelong learning in this regard is crucial to empower people to unlock their potential to create a sustainable future. The city has now joined UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities in order to support learning opportunities for all.

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, Raúl Valdés-Cotera, UNESCO Institute for Liefelong Learning

UNESCO Learning Cities – Drivers for sustainable development

Cities are vital in responding effectively to the challenges of emerging economic, technological, environmental and social changes which underline the need to foster capacities for adaptation, creativity and, most importantly, learning that continues throughout life. Fostering these capacities through lifelong learning is at the heart of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

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, Christoph Jost, Director, and Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Deputy Director - both DVV International , Germany

Reflecting on the Futures of ALE – Because the future cannot wait

Christoph Jost and Uwe Gartenschlaeger reflect on the action of the International Council for Adult Education to reposition ALE and to imagine the future of the sector.

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In the increasingly technologized and globalized world of the 21st century, societal participation will primarily be defined by the personal level of digital media literacy. How can and should the international adult education sector contribute to digital media literacy education? What does the adult education sector need to do in order to anticipate all the changes induced by the pace of technological development?

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, Donia Benmiloud, Regional Director North Africa, DVV International

Gender in adult learning and education – Toolkit for the MENA region

DVV International regional offices in the Middle East and North Africa embarked on the elaboration of a toolkit that addresses the topic of gender in adult learning and education. The toolkit provides practical, effective and innovative solutions and tools for adult education stakeholders so that the design and implementation of programmes in adult education are gender-sensitive and inclusive for all members of society.

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