, Uwe Gartenschlaeger, Deputy Director, DVV International

German Adult Education Conference 2022: “vhs 2030: Together in Diversity. Sustainable. Connected”

German Adult Education Conference 2022 © Sandrino Donnhauser

On 20 and 21 June, more than 900 participants, including around 75 international guests, came to Leipzig to be a part of what can be described as Europe’s biggest adult learning and education (ALE) event.

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, Christoph Jost, Director, DVV International

Youth and adult education contributions in crisis regions

Adult education in crises regions © Getty Images/shironosov

A worldwide increase in crises and violent conflicts can be seen. Countries in the Middle East, Asia and the African continent are affected by conflicts, but more recently so are neighbouring European countries such as Belarus and, with the outbreak of war in February 2022, of course Ukraine. It is not unusual for the Institute for International Cooperation (DVV International) to work in crisis regions. However, work in conflict-affected countries has recently become exceptionally intense and requires a high level of crisis response capacity.

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, Ulad Vialichka, Senior Consultant, IMACON Consulting Group

ALE digitalisation in Asia: Challenge or opportunity?

© Getty Images/piranka

From May to December 2021 – still under the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic – DVV International supported the online study Analysis of Digitalisation in ALE in Asia: Risks and Challenges for Reaching out to Marginalised Groups. The study targeted 47 stakeholders in three pilot countries from different regions in Asia – Palestine, Tajikistan and Cambodia.

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DVV International, in cooperation with the Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD), conducted an exchange visit in Uganda from 14-18 March 2022. The visit was to facilitate peer learning and experience sharing between Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda in ALE programming and service delivery.

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© Getty Images / rarrarorro

DVV International has been working with local partners to promote lifelong learning and strengthen adult learning and education (ALE) in Ukraine for over twelve years. We would therefore like to provide an insight into the work that our colleagues and civil society partners have done in recent years. The focus has always been on building an ALE system with the involvement of civil society actors.

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Nabila dries chilli pepper that she will use for the harissa paste. DVV International. ©Augustin Le Gall

Citizenship education has become central to the field of adult education. DVV International’s work in North Africa is based on the four pillars of citizenship education: learning to know, learning to be, learning to live together, and learning to do. This work has now been translated into a photo feature recounting the journey of champions of citizenship education in Tunisia.

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