Curriculum institutionALE – A new tool for understanding and managing organisational change

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Institutions of Adult Learning and Education (IALE) operate in very different environments worldwide. Their work is strongly influenced by legal settings, financial resources, local culture and practice, availability of partners, networks, qualified educators and the general reputation that ALE enjoys in the local community. Nevertheless, what IALEs have in common is the need to have a deeper look at the quality of the services they render and the general direction and vision their organisation is following. But how can IALEs be supported and guided in this challenging process?

With the Curriculum institutionALE (CI), DVV International has developed a framework for supporting IALEs in their ongoing search for adequate structures and services in a constantly changing environment. The CI is aimed at increasing the impact of capacity development in adult education, at making adult education more visible and tangible and at improving communication and collaboration in organisational development teams. It is based on the so-called “Key Performance Indicators for Adult Education Centres” (KPI) that were developed in DVV International’s Middle East Office in 2014.

The CI covers all three main functions of adult education institutions, namely providing orientation, offering education and enabling participation. For each service and capacity, various exemplary steps, indicators and methods are offered that give ideas on how to design, implement and assess capacity-building processes. The guidelines were initially developed for DVV International staff, but can also be used by everybody who is involved in the organisational and capacity development of adult education providers.

More information as well as downloads of the CI in five languages can be found on our ALE Toolbox.


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