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Nhung Le (Cover artist and illustrator)

Nhung Le is a New York-based illustrator and stationery designer born in Hanoi, Vietnam. Previously working as a graphic designer for studios in Manhattan, Nhung now runs her own stationery business Chic+Nawdie, making greeting cards from her illustrations. She also works freelance as an illustrator and graphic designer.

E-mail: lh.nhung@nhungle.com
Instagram: @chicnawdie

Nhung Le on “inclusion” and her approach to illustrating it: “When creating illustrations to describe ‘inclusionʼ, I personally don't try to focus on any specific aspect of the word that is usually associated with it, whether itʼs race or gender or ethnicity. To me, ‘inclusionʼ is like ‘togetherʼ, which embraces a warm, welcoming and powerful message. Therefore, when I illustrate, I try to evoke those feelings in my illustrations instead of worrying too much about what the picture literally has to do with ‘inclusionʼ. This led me to the image of Nature, where all species share the air, the sky, and the Earth, all living in harmony together.”


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