Uwe Gartenschlaeger

Adult Education for All – The XIIIth German Adult Education Days (Volkshochschultag)

The slogan of the conference, “Adult Education for All” is closely related to the international debate on “Education for All”. It expresses our belief that Adult Education is a Human Right for all. More than 1,000 delegates from Germany, Europe and other parts of the world are expected to exchange on burning issues, celebrate the power of Adult Education and stress the importance ideas of Lifelong Learning in times of crisis.

The Adult Education Conference aspires to be the top event and policy education- al highlight for the work of Adult Education centres. With the participation of senior politicians, renowned speakers and instructors, with exciting topics and a effective publicity campaign, DVV is striving to organize a headline-catching conference. The event will be opened by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Christian Wulff; the Federal Minister for Education as well as the European Com missioner for Education and Culture are going to present their views on the future of Adult Learning. The Minister, Ms. Schavan, announced that her speech will develop the government’s view on the importance of Lifelong Learning for the mar ginalised. The program will focus on overarching issues and therefore will refrain from subject-specific events and workshops. In addition to three plenary sessions, substantive discussions will be held in six forums; each event will be a highlight in itself, tackling key issues of the German and global debate:

Social cohesion and integration

How can Adult Education tackle the growing gap between rich and poor? What can be done to foster the intergenerational contract? What is our role concerning integration, migration and intercultural learning?

Living Democracy – Shaping the future

What is the future of civic education? How can we ensure future sustainability of our democracy in Germany and Europe? How do new forms of political engagement effect Adult Education?

The benefit of continuing education

Can we provide evidence on the impact of Adult Learning? Are there any best practices from Europe and beyond? What data are decision-makers going to expect from us?

Advancement through education

What is the relevance of the key competences model skills for education and career? LLL in the workplace. How can we promote learning; training and employability in times of shortage of skilled labour? How can we best provide second and third chance education?

Climate Change and Sustainable Development

What is the role of Adult Education in the area of environmental concerns? What does the United Nations Decade of Education for sustainable development mean for us?

Local education landscapes in times of crisis

Is it correct talk about deconstructing education? How can we increase participa

tion? What is the role of Adult Education centres in local learning environments? In the evening, on the 12th of May, along with all our guests, we will celebrate with music, performances and a lot of possibilities to meet and network.

The conference will take place in Berlin’s conference center, bcc, at the centraly located Alexanderplatz www.bcc-berlin.de. All sessions, including the plenary session and the workshops will be translated into German and English.

The registration for the event will be open from the beginning of 2011 at www.volkshochschultag.de For any additional information, please contact www.volkshochschultag.de/en.


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