Photo reportage


Young women want to study. English is a language that opens doors to IT knowledge and global know-how.


Photography by Jawad Hamdard Kia



Younger generations like to participate in education courses. Their perspectives on life are much different from 10 years ago.


Waiting for the education programmes to start. Young boys meeting outside the Community Learning Centre on the outskirts of Mazar City.


Producing yarn for carpets is part of the income generating programme that benefits groups of women from poor families.


The community forum is a popular place. After school, youngsters join the education programme to improve their knowledge.


Literacy is still a huge problem in the countryside and among poor urban families. Mothers and young grandmothers play an important role, motivating for more education in their families.



The Community Learning Centres serve different needs within the community. Income generation activities for women are part of the programme. Women produce carpets in groups and participate in the literacy courses.


The economy in Mazar-e-Sharif is booming. New computer and IT knowledge opens new opportunities for the labour market. Community Learning Centres provide a wide range of programmes for beginners and advanced learners.


Women from traditional families produce noodles which they sell in their neighbourhood.


Completing a school education is so important. Complementary lessons, especially in science subjects, help one to successfully finish school and go to university or get employment.


The Blue Mosque – the tomb of Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad – in the northern part of Afghanistan is a famous place for pilgrims. The white doves are a symbol of peace and sanctity.

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