Misa, Cover artist and Illustrator

Adult Education and Development:
How do you think that art can bridge the gaps between genders,
nations, generations, levels of education and social positions in order to directly appeal to the heart?

Misa: The human being, in her/his entirety, is the result of Creation. Originating in matter, it is already a perfect creator, a co-creator of the Creator. As for the heart, a spiritualisation process of the soul leads to light; heart is something acquired that we must give, and to give, we must learn to love, because life is a giving of self.

You should know how to give in order to be in harmonic flow with the life that gives everything in silence; be in the silence of life to listen to the melody, which is defi ned in the tranquillity of a mind inviting us to respect the earth, the sky and the sea; be attentive in order to navigate. With love in the heart, the separation no longer exists. Respect for all things abolishes gender inequalities. In the end, theoretical training is not suffi cient in itself to be a human being. One must rediscover freedom beyond religion, fear and culture, the cultural diversity of the world and love of the world in order to revive confidence in the human being which is so often undermined.

We must reopen the scars in homage to the loving heart of humanity, which glorifies the divine and illuminates every being who recognises it.

What motivates you to be an artist?

I am an artist, it is innate, but it is also to innovate, to propose a programme of freedom of art and to be. In art, there is a conquest of self, a very subtle self knowledge that forges creativity thirsty for the unknown. I try to push myself to achieve the impossible. Yet, I don’t believe that one can succeed without the other. As the image states a position, the text will take this to the next level and explain that position better.

Misa is a cultural activist. Her art is dedicated to peace, love and poetry. Her philosophy is to connect to herself to discover the wonderful diversity that surrounds us, the harmony of heaven, earth and sea ... and beautify the imagination of every human being.

For more than 20 years she has been involved in her project, the sixth continent, transforming villages into spaces of artistic creativity (www.portomadeira.org). 

In Switzerland, Misa received the international prize of the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) in 2007 for her creative and cultural legacy work with the Rabelados of Cape Verde and the fi rst contemporary art prize of San Remo in Italy. She has exhibited in France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Cape Verde. She has stayed in artist residencies in Egypt, Italy, Brazil and the Ivory Coast.


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