Call for submissions

Issue 85

The role and impact of adult education

Why do we need adult education? Does it actually make a ­difference? In the next edition of Adult Education and Development, we will be taking a closer look at the roles of adult education, its impact on the world and on our lives. We are especially ­interested in thoughts on what role adult education plays in development work, and are also interested in the current global debate on the wider benefits of learning.

We are curious about your thoughts on impact: Is it important to know/measure? If so, why and how do you measure the impact of adult education on society, on improving a specific issue, on people’s lives?

We would like to receive texts from a personal point of view, from a local/regional point of view, and from a global point of view. We welcome ana­lytical texts, personal reflections, project results, comparative texts and critical thoughts.

Send your abstract in English, French or Spanish to the Editor-in-Chief Johanni Larjanko ( or the Managing Editor Ruth Sarrazin ( before 1 April 2018.

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