Thaakierah Abdul (Cover artist and illustrator)

Thaakierah Abdul (South Africa) is a Cape Malay, colourful and bold female visual communication designer. Through her work, she aims to push not only design boundaries but societal boundaries as well. She would consider her work to be a “hot mess” (a constant work in progress). It’s a combination of experimental design and documentation. 

Instagram: whitespace_____ (5 underscores) 

Adult Education and Development: Who has been the best teacher in your life?

Thaakierah Abdul:  My mother has been the best teacher that I’ve ever crossed paths with. Cheesy I know, but she has taught me in ways that exceed verbal communication. Her way of life, mannerisms and her ethos as an individual have given me perspective on how to view the world and exist within it. I salute her confidence, independence, her tenderness and her perseverance to push through any obstacles that attempted to block her blessings. These attributes have become a ‘get out of jail card’ for me. It helps me escape many hard realities that I face on a daily basis. It’s allowed me to chase my dreams and grab amazing opportunities. I am a mould of her persona. She is a dream and continues to act as an amazing role model. It’s hard to explain, but I know how she has benefitted my well-being through her actions in the way I explore my journey through life.

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