Shira Bentley (Cover artist and illustrator)

Shira Bentley is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Shira began her career as a print artist exhibiting her work around Australia. Her love of collaborative storytelling quickly drew her to illustration, where she honed her superpower for transforming ideas into engaging visual stories filled with colour, humour and snippets of daily life.


Shira Bentley on how her understanding of the role of adult education changed as she was doing the graphical work for this issue: “Working on these illustrations significantly expanded my understanding of the role and impact of adult education, particularly in regards to post-conflict areas. What struck me the most was seeing how many areas of daily life are impacted by having access to education through every stage of life. I’m very fortunate to live in a country where education is so heavily subsidised by the government and so many initiatives are in place to encourage individuals to acquire new skills and knowledge. I hope to see a similar trend globally, as it is very clear that the solution to many of our greatest challenges is education.”

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