Dr. Satish Shirsath

Comments on “Adult Education and Development

Respected sir/madam

Thank you for asking the readers for sending comments regarding the above mentioned journal.

As you have rightly said in the initial article (Evaluation of the Journal Adult Education and Development, 76:2011) that the said journal is a platform for exchange of experiences between adult educators. The next sentence is also apt (...and thus make a contribution to global poverty reduction). The journal is really a good platform as we can read the experiences (and thus strategies, methods & strategies)at different places in the world regarding adult education. I am a regular reader of the journal. I get updated & enriched through it. In India, the University Grants Commission (apex body in higher education) has introduced “Lifelong Learning” in the important dimension-Extension. I found the issue (74:2010) very useful in that direction as experiences regarding community learning centres (from Asia, Africa, Latin America & Europa) are presented in it.

You have asked suggestions too. Papers/articles regarding policies of different programmes regarding adult education should be given place in the journal. 8th September is observed as International Literacy Day. On that occasion an essay-competition is organised in India. Such a competition can be organised by the journal too. It can help in widening the scope (in terms of popularity).

I will definitely contribute in it.

So far the feedback is concerned, I have already sent by post stating that I wish to continue it.

Regards and best wishes for the journal-Adult Education and Development.

Yours sincerely
Satish Shirsath



















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